JacMac+ offers the flexibility to match resources to demand without ongoing costly overhead. You turn the tap on when you have a gap to fill and off again when the need has been met.
JacMac+ enables you to combine high quality work with a more flexible lifestyle. We enable you to expand your experience, deepen your skills and follow your interests while still working in a way that suits you.


JacMac+ is an important and integrated part of Jackson McDonald. It’s easy to engage us because we fit seamlessly into the way our main firm already works with you.
JacMac+ is a significant part of Jackson McDonald’s future plans. It is important to us that JacMac+ thrives and adds value to our clients, so you can be assured that we will support you to succeed.
Local presence

Local presence

JacMac+ is the latest development in our near century-long commitment to WA. We offer local consultants with local knowledge who are ready to work with you right here.
We are where you are. We are committed to developing newlaw excellence in WA and offer local assignments for local clients. High quality, flexible work, backed by an established law firm, all on your doorstep.

About Us

We are a hub of self-employed lawyers providing WA organisations with a new way to manage their legal risk.

We fulfil temporary assignments within our clients’ businesses and offer high quality legal resource when it is needed it with no overheads when it’s not. By combining the best of new approaches with the benefits of an established, high quality law firm, we offer the best of both worlds.

As our name suggests, we add extra, we provide more.

Contact Info

(+61) 8 6323 6988


Level 17, 225 St Georges Terrace
Perth, Western Australia, 6000